Welcome PC mini传媒入口!

When you become a member of PC鈥檚 alumni association, you鈥檙e joining the fourth largest membership organization in the Valley. That鈥檚 right. The mini传媒入口 mini传媒入口 Association (PCAA) has more than 30,000 members around the world and more than 20,000 right here in the metro area.

That means more professionals to connect with and more volunteer and leadership opportunities. And the benefits don鈥檛 stop there.

The Benefits of mini传媒入口 mini传媒入口 Membership:

  • Discounts on PC athletic events and PC merchandise at the Bookstore
  • Career Services (resume writing, mock interviews, job postings, etc.)
  • Invitations to special mini传媒入口 Association events
  • mini传媒入口 pricing at John Paul Theatre performances
  • An mini传媒入口 Discount Program, with travel and dining benefits and more