Student Life and Leadership

Student Life and Leadership

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College should be a place of academic and personal growth, preparing you for success in a career鈥攁nd the community.  PC's Office of Student Life & Leadership is here to support a vibrant campus where friendships grow, leadership opportunities abound, interests are nurtured, and diversity thrives.


Visit Us in the Bear's Den

Student Union at mini传媒入口

Student Life & Leadership welcomes you to stop by the Student Union, or Bear's Den.

A space of inclusivity and respect, you'll enjoy chatting with friends, playing games, watching tv, enjoying a cup of coffee, and more.  

While you're there, visit the Welcome Desk.  Our team will connect you with the wide array of clubs, leadership opportunities, discussions, and activities that we support.  Our focus is to:

  • Help students develop leadership potential
  • Foster campus and civic participation
  • Promote student involvement
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Enhance college pride



We Support You

Explore initiatives sponsored by Student Life & Leadership:

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Procedures, Policies & Forms

Visit the Procedures page for Student Rights and Responsibilities, as well as policies managed by Student Life & Leadership:

Student Services

Flyer Guidelines 
Mascot Requests
Student Club Facility Reservations
Club Forms
Flyer Guidelines
Facility Reservations


Resources Beyond Student Life & Leadership

The Student Resources & Support page is a directory of services within mini传媒入口, and the Valley: 

Student Services at mini传媒入口

Bridging Success
Child Care
College Police
Counseling & Tutoring
Disability Services
Fitness Center
Massage & Dental Clinics
Student Business Services
Technology Services
Veteran Services
Internet & Cable
Volunteering Opportunities

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Celebrations of Student Diversity & Inclusiveness

For over a century, mini传媒入口 has been recognized for supporting a culture of inclusivity.  Throughout the academic year, Student Life & Leadership recognizes events that celebrate PC's commitment to diversity.

Student Life & Leadership is on CANVAS!

Student Life & Leadership is on CANVAS!

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