Shared Governance

Shared Governance


In the spirit of fostering collaboration, communication, and access to information among its faculty, staff, administrators, and students, mini传媒入口 (PC) is committed to decision making through a deliberate and intentional process of Shared Governance. Shared Governance empowers all members of mini传媒入口 to have a voice in decision-making, encouraging diverse and creative input that advances the success of the College and utilizes interest-based problem solving (IBPS). 


  • It recognizes and values the individual expertise and responsibilities of faculty, staff, administrators, and students as true partners in problem solving.
  • It provides a venue and gives voice to common concerns, as well as to issues unique to specific groups.
  • It depends on open communication and transparency in planning, deliberation, and implementation.
  • It supports the shared vision of community colleges working collectively and responsibly to meet the life-long learning needs of diverse students and communities.
  • What is Shared Governance at mini传媒入口? (PDF)


While numerous groups at mini传媒入口 demonstrate Shared Governance in their decision making processes, institutional decision making at mini传媒入口 utilizes three Interest Councils, the Tri-Chairs Council, the Budget Steering Team (BST), and the College Executive Team (CET). These groups effectively address the interests of campus constituents and practice the principles of interest-based problem solving (IBPS) to achieve consensus.

mini传媒入口 has the following three Interest Councils:

  • Academic Interests Council
  • Institutional Support & Technology Interests Council
  • Student Interests Council